lmc helena 8.4 | Google Camera Lmc Helena 8.4 R1 / R2 and R3 Download With Configs Full setup

lmc helena 8.4 | Google Camera Lmc Helena 8.4 R1 / R2 and R3 Download With Configs Full setup

 Assalamu alaikum how are you all?  Hope you are well, I am well too.  Today I will share with you a wonderful thing.  Today we will talk about Google Camera, which is called G-Cam for short.

Lmc Helena 8.4 R1/R2/R3

 Many of us have a hobby that we do photography.  But because of the quality of our cameras, we can't do much photography.

 If we use G-Cam then our camera quality will be much better.  As well as our pictures will be much more beautiful.  We often travel to many places.  We want to go there and take many beautiful pictures.  Lots of nature photography.  But we can't for our camera.  We don't have a camera, we don't have a DSLR.  If we want to take pictures like DSLR then we can take pictures with the mobile phone in our hand.  That's why we have to use G-Cam.

Lmc Helena 8.4 R1/R2/R3

 When we take pictures of the day with Google camera, the picture of our G-cam will be much more beautiful than the normal camera.  Even if we want to do night photography, we can still take night pictures using G-Cam.  The night can be easily converted to day with Google Camera.  And the pictures taken at night are so beautiful that it looks like day.

 Today we will install Google Camera on our mobile.

Download Lmc Helena 8.4 R1


Download Lmc Helena 8.4 R2


Download Lmc Helena Configs


  To use this Google Camera we need to follow some steps.  First we need to install Google Camera Apps.  The link I will give to my website after downloading Google Camera we need to download Google Camera Config.

  After downloading the Google Camera configuration, you need to set it up in the file manager.

  To do this, first open a folder named  GCam in file manager .  Then you have to open another folder inside the GCAM folder which is called Configs7

 .  Then put your downloaded configs inside that folder.

  Let's see how to setup the app.

  After installing the app, log in to these apps.  After entering the apps, there is a button to capture the image, double click on its right side.  After double clicking you will see a bar coming up there, from that bar you will select your config.  Then turn on the night mode of the camera.  Drop the status bar from the top and do the settings there.

  Then put your mobile on a mobile stand and leave it for a long time by clicking on the capture button. After 2/3 minutes you will see that your picture has gone up.  And the picture quality will be much nicer.

  This way you can take beautiful pictures.

  You can take pictures at night like during the day.

If you face any problem to set up lmc helena 8.4 please watch this videos.

 No more today Thanks for Reading. I know you are able to setup Lmc Helena 8.4 and you will able to capture  good photo. I wish you will be good photographers. 

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