These five electric scooters can hit the road without a license

These five electric scooters can hit the road without a license

Looking to upgrade from a bicycle to a scooter? But there is no need to be held back by not having a license. Because our country's rules state that the power is less than 250 watts and the speed is limited to 25 km per hour, no license is required to drive such battery-powered scooters. Even in this case registration is not essential. 

As a result, low-speed electric scooters are becoming more and more popular for getting around, from young to old. This report looks at five such affordable models.

Ampere Reo Elite

The Ampere Rio Elite is available in lead acid and lithium ion battery variants. The price of the first one is Rs 42,999. Available in four colors. Can run up to 55-60 km on a full charge. Modern features like digital instrument cluster, LED headlights, and USB charging port are present in this electric scooter.

Okinawa R30

The Okinawa R30 can travel 60 km on a full charge. The scooter features regenerative braking system with e-ABS, LED headlights and digital instrument cluster. The price is Rs 64,000.

Okinawa Lite

Another e-scooter from Okinawa in the list is the Okinawa Lite with a 250 watt motor and 1.25 kWh lithium battery. Price is Rs 67,000. This lightweight electric scooter is powered by a 1.25 kWh replaceable battery. Can run 60 km on a single charge. 0-100 percent charge within 5 hours. Again, the battery can be removed and charged at home. The Okinawa Light is available in Sparkle Blue and Sparkle White color combinations. Key features are LED headlights, hazard lamps, anti-theft battery lock mechanism, regenerative braking system, etc.

Hero Optima LX

Hero Optima LX electric scooter is priced at Tk 67,440. The company claims that it can cover 85 km on a full charge. Being listed as low-speed does not exceed 25 km/h. The internal 51.2 volt battery takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. It has features like LED headlights, digital instrument cluster, USB port, and alloy wheels.

Hero Eddy

Hero Eddy electric scooter comes in the premium segment. Price 72,000 Tk. The e-scooter has a 51.2 volt battery that can run for 85 km on a full charge. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. It is available in yellow and light blue colors. Key features include Find My Bike, e-lock, large bootspace, and reverse mode. According to the company, Hero Eddy is the ideal option for commuting.

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