Tecnoblade Dies: Cancer-fighting rate, popular YouTuber dies at just 23 years old

Tecnoblade Dies: Cancer-fighting rate, popular YouTuber dies at just 23 years old

Fascinated by the quality of the people behind the content posted on social media, many of us are eager to peek into our personal lives. But it is not possible to get a glimpse of the battle of life by looking at the face or hearing the voice of the man on the other side of the screen. Just like the 'tragedy' that happened to Alex, the famous gaming video maker YouTuber under the pseudonym Technoblade came to light after his death. The fan-base was overwhelmed to see the notification to post new videos on the Technoblade channel about a month apart. 

But in a moment, this video took away the smile on the faces of the followers. Alex recorded his own death message in his last video! It is known that this popular YouTuber died at the age of 23 after suffering from fourth-stage cancer.

The late popular YouTuber Technoblade

Technoblade aka Alex, used to make gaming videos on YouTube anonymously, and after 6 years of hard work, his number of subscribers crossed the 11 million mark. Alex originally made Minecraft-based videos. Skills on gaming and the ability to explain each stage in a fun way made TechnoBlade widely popular among gamers. But, despite this game-crazy man reaching the pinnacle of popularity, he has lost to cancer. Realizing that his death was imminent, Alex posted a video for the last time aimed at his followers. And a letter went through my father's hand.

A new video titled "so long nerds" was uploaded to TechnoBlade's YouTube account on Thursday. Instead of the colored blocks of Minecraft, the video shows a man sitting in front of a white backdrop. They introduced himself as the father of technoblades. In the video, he is seen reading the last letter written by the boy. The video begins something like this, “Hello everyone. I'm Technoblade. Those of you who are watching the video now will know that I am dead. ” In fact, Alex knew very well that this was his last video. So YouTuber thanks his favorite fans for their selfless support. And at the end of the video, he said, "Even if I get a hundred more lives, I want to be born as Alex."

Technoblade's father said Technoblade died about eight hours after the letter was written. At the same time, for the first time, she revealed the boy's real name and some of his pictures through this video. Alex's mother, on the other hand, said her son never wanted personal fame. The main purpose of TechnoBlade aka Alex was to keep the brothers and sisters studying, to stream charity for cancer patients, to encourage gamers through rewards, and to share the experience of playing Minecraft with everyone.

Incidentally, TechnoBlade shared with fans the news of being diagnosed with cancer by posting a video in August last year. After fighting cancer for 11 months, this popular YouTuber finally fell to his death. The latest video released by Technoblade's father has brought tears to the eyes of 40 million viewers.

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