Low-cost feature, Boult Audio Unleashed Drift and Cosmic Smartwatch

Low-cost feature, Boult Audio Unleashed Drift and Cosmic Smartwatch

Popular domestic company Boult Audio has launched a new smartwatch range called Drift and Cosmic to further expand the scope of their product portfolio. These two smartwatches have a set of health indicators including heart rate sensor, step count, blood oxygen monitor, period monitor. 

Low-cost feature, Boult Audio Unleashed Drift and Cosmic Smartwatch

According to the company, two watches on a single charge are capable of offering standby time of up to 10 days. Let's take a look at the prices, features and specifications of the new Boult Audio Drift and Cosmic smartwatches.

Price and availability of both Boult Audio Drift and Cosmic Smartwatch

The Bolt Audio Drift Smartwatch is priced at Rs 1,999 in the Indian market. However, the price of the Cosmic Smartwatch is not yet known. Both watches can be purchased on the company's own website.

Features and Specifications of Boult Audio Drift and Cosmic Smartwatch

The new Bolt Drift smartwatch comes with a 1.89-inch screen size. It has a TFT panel display with a resolution of 240x260 pixels and a pixel density of 216 ppi. With it will provide a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth calling feature support. The watch also has more than 150 watch faces and seven preset sports modes. It even has a heart rate monitor, a blood oxygen monitor as a health feature.

In addition, the Boult Audio Drift smartwatch has an automatic slip monitor. Through which users can understand the slip quality (deep slip, light slip, wake up time). In addition, the wearable has dual modules and a built-in microphone and speakers. As a result, the user can answer the phone call from his watch, just like he can call from his contact list.

On the other hand, the screen size of the Bolt Cosmic Smartwatch is 1.79 inches. It will also offer a maximum of 500 net brightness with TFT panel, 240x260 pixel resolution and 216 ppi pixel density. This watch has more than 100 watch faces. Moreover, to take care of the health of the user, it has blood pressure monitor, blood saturation tracker, heart rate monitor, menstrual cycle monitor. Moreover Boult Audio Cosmic smartwatch comes with water resistant and multiple sports modes. It also has advanced HR sensor, calorie count and step count features to monitor heart rate. 

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