WordPress Speed ​​Optimization: Speed ​​up the Loading Speed of the Website

WordPress Speed ​​Optimization: Speed ​​up the Loading Speed of the Website

WordPress Speed ​​Optimization: Speed ​​up the Loading Speed of the Website: How fast the loading speed of any website is a very important issue. WordPress Speed ​​Optimization: Speed ​​up the Loading Speed of the Website. Because, at the present time, fast loading of web pages is also considered as one of the important "Google ranking factors". How to Speed up Your WordPress Site.

    A fast loading website ranks better on the Google search ranking page (SERP) and provides a better user experience. ways to speed up WordPress.

    WordPress Speed ​​Optimization: Speed ​​up the Loading Speed of the Website

    Remember, if you are currently writing high-quality content but your website loading speed is very slow, then give up the hope of getting traffic from Google. When loading a website or web page slowly, no matter how good content you write, "Google" and "User" will never like it. And so, if you want to speed up the loading of a WordPress website, there is a way.

    However, in order to increase the loading speed of a web page, you need to complete multiple processes. Don't worry, in today's article, I will tell you the whole process. After reading the entire article, you will know the right way to speed up the WordPress website.

    Why the loading Speed of a Website is important

    How to Speed up Your WordPress Site. The loading speed of a website can be a factor in its success or failure. How fast or slow your web page loads can affect the identity of the entire website. Website bounce rate, view, popularity, conversion, and identity creation, in each case its loading speed is important to be fast.

    However, the most important of these is the " page speed " is an important " ranking factor " of Google. This means that when Google ranks a website on its search results page (SERP), it verifies some special qualities in the website, then ranks the website. And these special qualities are called " Google ranking factors " in which the role of " page speed " is more important.

    So, if you want to get a lot of traffic from Google search to your blog or website, then you have to think first about the "page speed" of the website. If your website loads faster, then your website ranking will be better in Google searches.

    Because Google always likes a fast-loading website. And, as a result of having a good ranking in Google search, you will get a lot of organic traffic and visitors.

    Conversely, if the website's loading speed is slow, your website's ranking in Google Search (SERP) will be much worse. As a result, organic traffic or visitors from Google is likely to be reduced by 60%.

    Also, when your web pages load more slowly, the users of the website get annoyed and leave the site immediately. This creates a bad user experience for the website and is very detrimental to the branding and reputation of the website. And that's why at the moment, everyone wants to know how to increase the loading speed of a website.

    What Causes WordPress Websites to be Slow?

    The loading speed of the website depends on various factors. When we check the speed of the website using some popular online tools, we are told about the various technical reasons that make our site slow. However, most of those technical reasons can be easily corrected.

    However, if you have created your own website using WordPress only then the technical problems associated with website speed can be easily solved.

    I will tell you the whole story below. Below are some of the factors that play an important role in slowing down a website.

    • Web hosting - As a result of using hosting from a bad hosting company, the speed of your website can be very slow.
    • Caching - The role of caching in loading a website is fast. If you don't use the caching process properly on the website, the site will be very slow.
    • Page size - If the size of the pages of your website is too large, then slow website loading can be the main reason.
    • External scripts - Different types of JavaScript and external scripts are loaded on the background of a website. These types of scripts are loaded on the website due to "google fonts", "ads" or "analytics". And, these external scripts can slow down the loading speed of any website.

    So now you understand why the loading speed of a website can be slow. Know these two things before you fast website loading speed. Below you will easily understand how to increase the loading speed of a WordPress website. However, it is important to know two important things before knowing the process.

    Check the loading Speed of Your Website

    You see, it is very important to check the current speed of any WordPress website before speed optimization.

    Because only then you can estimate how slow and how much optimization your website needs to do if it is slow. In this case, you can check the loading speed of your website using some popular website speed test tools.

    • Tools.pingdom.com
    • Page speed insights
    • GTmetrix
    • KeyCDN website speed test
    • Juices Load Time Tester

    So, friends, you can check the loading speed of your website using the online tools mentioned above.

    You need to take a backup of your website

    See, whether it is website speed optimization or any other editing work, it is very important to have a backup of your site. In this case, if something goes wrong in the case of optimization or editing, then you can restore the backup and take the website back to its previous state.

    So, in the case of speed optimization, you must take a backup of the entire website before editing your WordPress website. And so, in case of backing up a WordPress website, you can use these backup plugins given below.

    • Updraftplus
    • BackupBuddy
    • BackWPup
    • Duplicator
    • VaultPress

    The plugins mentioned above are the best for backing up WordPress websites.

    How to Speed up the loading speed of the WordPress Website?

    If you are publishing good and quality content on your website or blog but the loading speed of your site is slow, then your website ranking will never be good in Google searches.

    And so, below I will give you some website speed optimization tips, which can be used to increase the loading speed of any WordPress website.

    Focus on Web Hosting

    There are many of us who use some local and low-quality web hosting to save money.

    However, this type of low-quality web hosting costs less, but this is the main reason for the slow loading speed of your website. A bad hosting server can reduce the loading speed of any website by about 70%.

    And I got proof of that myself. In our blog “icthack.com”, we first used a local web hosting service. At that time, the loading speed of my website was very slow and it took more than 1.5 seconds to load the website.

    But about 1 year ago, after reading various reviews on the internet, I decided to buy hosting from " digital ocean ". And, if you want, you can check using any online speed checker tool, currently, the loading speed of our website is less than 1.5 seconds.

    And so, I always say that if you want to speed up your website, first of all, buy hosting from a good web hosting company. I would always advise you to use hosting only from some of the best and best hosting companies.

    • Digitalocean
    • www.inmotionhosting.com
    • www.cloudways.com
    • www.a2hosting.com
    • www.bluehost.com

    And there are some good and best web hosting companies from which I would recommend buying hosting.

    Moreover, in case of fast loading speed, always use a cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting is a modern type of web hosting. And this type of hosting server is very important for the speed of any website.

    And so, before buying web hosting, there are some important things to keep in mind.

    Select a Fast Loading WordPress Theme

    When talking about the loading speed of a WordPress website, one cannot be ignorant about the theme of that website.

    Remember, the theme of the website must be well coded. Moreover, the WordPress theme you choose should be very light. If you select the theme of the website without proper verification, then maybe the heavy theme of your website is slowing down the website.

    The theme of the website is a lot to improve your WordPress website loading speed. So, just look at the beauty of a theme and don't think about using it.

    Pick a theme after seeing how fast a theme can load. Of course, there are some best and fast themes for the WordPress website which I would suggest using.

    • Astra pro
    • OceanWP
    • GeneratePress
    • Schema
    • Genesis Framework

    You can use either of the above WordPress themes, “ Astra ” and “ GeneratePress ”. Both themes are free and lots of fasts.

    With the use of high-quality coding and lots of cleanness and light, these two WordPress themes are currently every blogger's favorite WordPress theme.

    Moreover, you can use the themes for free. So again, if you use a light and fast theme on your website, the loading speed of the website will be much faster.

    Use the Minimum Plugin in WordPress

    I have seen many times, that many bloggers use various unnecessary plugins on their WordPress websites. And, using these dozens of plugins can make your website a lot slower. At present, use as few plugins as you can.

    See, the more plugins you install on the website, the more scripts, and requests associated with the plugin will continue to be processed in the background. In this way, your website is taking more time to load after installing the plugin.

    So, uninstall every unnecessary plugin from your WordPress website. This will make your website a lot lighter and will increase the loading speed.

    Simple & Clean Site Design

    This is a very important step to keep your website fast. Always use a clean and tidy design on the website.

    The more unnecessary images, designs, iframes, etc. you use on the website, the longer it will take for them to load normally. And, as a result, the loading speed of your entire website will slow down. So, use a clean and light design on the website.

    Never use any kind of images, function, or design out of necessity. By keeping a light design of the website, its loading speed can be improved.

    Compress Images Before Uploading

    New bloggers must make the mistake of not compressing the image. You see, as a blogger, we have to use different screenshots and other images in our articles. Now, the larger the size of these images and screenshots, the longer it will take for them to load. In addition, the larger the size of the image, the larger the size of your website. As a result, your entire website takes a lot longer to load.

    So always remember, before uploading any image on your website, you must reduce its size by compressing it. This will reduce the size of the images and load them relatively quickly. And as a result of this process, both the speed and performance of your website will be better.

    Now the question is, How do I compress images? See, there are various online and offline tools to compress images. I myself compress the images using some of the best online image compressing tools. So, you can use these online compressor tools to compress images.

    • www.compressjpeg.com
    • www.imageresizer.com
    • www.tinyjpg.com
    • www.compressnow.com

    So, using the online image compressor tools mentioned above, you can reduce the size of the images by compressing them before uploading them to the website.

    And, since the images will be smaller in size, the website will benefit a lot from loading faster.

    Minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript

    By minifying the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of your website, the speed and performance of the entire website can be improved.

    Minification is used to optimize the various codes used in the scripts of the website. Moreover, unnecessary codes or unused codes are removed through this minification. As a result, the size of the website is less and the website loads much faster in the web browser.

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Minification is the key to improving the speed and performance of a website. Because, coding and functioning of the whole website, is done through these 3 coding languages.

    Now, if you want to apply to minify to your website, then there are various WordPress minification plugins in this case.

    • WP super minify
    • Fast velocity minify
    • Merge Minify Refresh
    • Hummingbird

    Using the WordPress plugins mentioned above, you can minimize the scripts and codes of your website and speed up the loading of web pages.

    Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

    Query strings can be a major factor in slowing down a website. These query strings cause problems with caching, speed, and various other issues of the website.

    When you check the loading speed of your website using an online website speed checker tool, you are shown the problem of this "remove query strings". And, it is recommended to remove these query strings to speed up the loading speed.

    However, how to remove these query strings? Don't worry, The advantage of using WordPress is that you can get a plugin for any feature and function.

    And, of course, we have some free plugins to remove query strings from the static resources of the website.

    • W3 Total Cache
    • Remove query strings from static resources
    • Speed booster pack
    • Autoptimize plugin

    Using the above-mentioned plugins, you can easily remove the query strings from your website, loading the website fast.

    Use CDN for Your Website

    The use of CDN (content delivery network) is very important to keep the website fast. As a result of using a content delivery network, the website is delivered as the user's location.

    This means that when you use the CDN, you create a static cache image of your website and save it to the servers at different locations of the CDN. In this, when a user types the domain of your website in a web browser, the user will be shown on the web page from the CDN server next to the location.

    Thus, as a result of accessing the website from the user's nearest server, the website will load a lot faster. Moreover, a good CDN service has various caching options for which your website loads faster.

    Therefore, it is very important to use a CDN service for any website. The use of CDN is very important for the website to load fast. Currently, the most popular and best free CDN service is " Cloudflare ".

    Enable Caching in a Website

    A lot of caching function of a website is required if you want to keep the speed and performance of the website good. Website caching creates a separate static HTML file for your website.

    With this static HTML file, the images, files, multimedia, web documents, HTML pages, etc. of the website are temporarily saved. In this way, when visiting the website through the web browser, the complete website data does not need to be loaded in the web browser again and again.

    As a result, server load and server requests are much lower. And, when the server load and server request is very low, then, of course, the web page will load a lot faster. There are various WordPress plugins that can be used to enable caching on your own website.

    Here are some popular caching plugins for launching Website Caching: -

    1. WP super cache
    2. W3 Total Cache
    3. WP Rocket
    4. WP Fastest Cache

    So friends, if you are not using caching on your WordPress website, you can turn on the caching feature by installing any of the caching plugins mentioned above.

    Upgrade to the latest PHP version

    WordPress.org officially says that it is very important that we use the latest PHP version on our website. Because, the more modern and improved the PHP version, the newer version will be released. And, it has been found that almost every website that has been upgraded to the latest PHP version has relatively better speed and performance, security. So, I would advise you to always use the latest PHP version on your website.

    Remember, when you upgrade to the new PHP version, you can immediately feel the loading speed of the website faster. Now, the question is how to upgrade your web server to the new PHP version?

    There are Two Solutions.

    After logging in to your web hosting Cpanel, you will see the option to upgrade to the PHP version.

    If you request the support team of the web hosting company, they will do this very easily.

    Use of lazy load images

    As we all know, the main reason for the slow loading speed of a website or web page is images. The more images there are on the website, the more time it will take for it to fully load. In this case, the use of Image lazy loading can also greatly reduce the loading time of your website.

    You see, when we use a lot of images on our website, those images take a long time to load in the web browser. As a result, the entire website takes a long time to load.

    So, image lazy loading is a modern process where the complete images of a web page are not loaded at once. This means that if there is a picture on the part of the web page that is visible on your mobile or computer screen, then only that picture will be loaded.

    However, images of the entire web page will not be loaded together in one web browser. In this case, even if you have more images on your web page, they are not loading all at once.

    And so, more or fewer requests will be sent to the website's server, which will result in the web page is fully loaded much faster. To add this kind of lazy loading images function to your WordPress blog, you must use some plugin.

    1. Speed Up – Lazy Load
    2. a3 Lazy Load
    3. Lazy Load – Optimize Images

    Using the plugins mentioned above, the feature of Lazy Load Image can be added to your WordPress blog.

    Use minimum ads

    The slowest way to load any website is when it uses a lot of ads. Hey, building a website and working regularly can be said to be just like running a business. And the easiest and most popular way to make money from this blogging business is advertising.

    But remember, the more ads used on a web page, the more scripts loading and external server request will go from your website. As a result, your website loading time increases somewhat. And this time can increase even more if you add a lot of advertisement codes to your website.

    So, I would suggest that you use ad codes or ads on your website only as much as you need. This will speed up your website as well as the user experience will be better.

    Use this Plugin to Increase WordPress Website Loading Speed

    If you work on what I told you about above, the problem of slow loading of your website will definitely be solved.

    Discuss Some WordPress Security Plugins

    However, below I am going to tell you about some WordPress plugins that you can use to improve both the speed and performance of your website.

    • WP total cache - Here you will find every option related to complete caching of the website. With this plugin, you can increase the speed and performance of the website by more than 50%.
    • Autoptimize - This WordPress plugin is a must-have on every website. Automatically optimizes your entire database, files, and scripts to increase the speed of your website.
    • WP-Optimize - The main part of your WordPress website is the database. And, every one of his information is stored in the database of the website. So, using this WP-optimize plugin, you can optimize the entire database with one click.
    • Wp Smush - This is a very popular WordPress image optimization plugin. With this, the images uploaded to your WordPress website can be optimized and compressed better.

    What did we Learn Today?

    Friends, today we learned "How to make a slow WordPress website fast".

    Using this process, we can make the speed of a slow-loading website faster and faster. Nowadays, it is much easier to arrow a WordPress website.

    However, when it comes to website speed optimization, many people do not find complete information on this topic.

    Many people have asked me what is the solution to the Dada website loading too slow or taking too much time. And so, through today's article, I have mentioned every essential tip and process to speed up the loading speed of a website. This is what I always try to do so that I can give you completely accurate and working information.

    So, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments. How To Speed Up WordPress Page Loading Time. 

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