Top 5 Best Video Maker And Editing Apps for Android Free

Top 5 Best Video Maker And Editing Apps for Android Free

 Top 5 Photo Video Maker And Edit Apps for Android: Photo Video Maker And Edit Apps for Android, In the past years, photo video editing and music video production was a daunting task. Even on computers and laptops, it requires different spaces, software, and applications. Best Video editing app. Only a few professionals know how to make it work. 

Top 5 Best Video Maker And Editing Apps for Android Free

Best video editor for Android, However, as technology advances, applications continually update iterations, which made all operations simple, and most of the time, Video Editing Apps for Android Free can create amazing videos with photos and music with just one click. Top 5 Photo Video Maker And Edit Apps for Android.


It’s great to turn your favorite photos into animated videos or slide shows and share them with friends and family. In this article, we carefully selected the Five best photo video maker apps for Android users, including VivaVideo, VideoShow, InShot, Magisto, Quik. By using these applications, you can easily make attractive photo videos with music. Best video editing apps for android.


The VivaVideo app is one of the best apps to make videos with pictures and music. It can effortlessly trim and merge video files, using different types of filters, text, animated emoticons, subtitles, etc. Moreover, you can change the background and make it blurry, and even modify the speaking speed. It also enables users to create video collages and apply some cool templates. Best video editing app for android.

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This photo video maker app supports multiple capture options like Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage. Using this app you can turn your best pictures into a movie. It has got a music library that has built-in background music. It is the fastest photo movie maker app that allows you to download the created video immediately. Once it is downloaded you can upload them to social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Vine, and more. Video editing apps for youtube.


As compared to photos, videos leave a more significant impact on us. Amongst various trending apps, VideoShow is considered one of the best apps for photo video makers. Only this app allows you to customize the prologue and epilogue of the video with additional features like adding bubbles, thunder, zooming up. Video editing apps for Android Mobile.

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The other features included in this app are trimming, cropping of videos and can also be converted into mp3. Additionally, you can use different warmer and cooler effects, and switch to sepia tones or black and white effects. Android video editing apps.


If you are peeping out for a great photo video maker app, then download Inshot from your Google Play Store! If you want to give a quick re-touch to your videos before uploading it on social media, then this is just a fantastic app for you. It has plenty of features to offer like changing the speed of your footage, music, adding filters. Video editor for Android.

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You can import the videos, images directly from the gallery and the first option you will get are to change the aspect ratio. The text written by you can move freely over the frame and can have its start and end time.


Magisto is a smart photo video maker with music, which takes only minutes to change your photos and videos into eye-catching stuff on social media. It offers a wide variety of editing options like Sentimental, Roaring Twenties, and many more. It works both on Android and on iOS. Magisto employs artificial intelligence to make video editing fast and straightforward. Best Video Editing apps.

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So here you have to select only theme and music and the app does rest! Even this app has an inbuilt music library and can be utilized during video creation so that photos and videos can be converted into share-worthy clips.


Quik is one of the best photo video maker apps for Android and also supports iOS, this is a free editing app from Go Pro. Video Editing apps.

You can choose from a vast variety of text styles including filters, fonts, and even emoticons can be used. Best video editor for Android. The QuickStory is created from the footage that is being shot in the last 72 hours and is automatically edited. Video Editing Apps for Android.

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Video Editing Additionally, you have ample options to explore like music selection wherein you can select some music or you can go without music. Just combine different small videos with different effects and moods to create a big one. It is very user-friendly and almost takes no effort to make a professional video. TOP 5 BEST VIDEOMAKER AND EDITING APPS FOR ANDROID.

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